On the History of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam

After the fusion of the ZMA and the National Herbarium Nederland with Naturalis to form the NCB Naturalis, the new institution is paying a tribute to the long and interesting past of the ZMA and its collections. The tribute takes the form of an exhibition, “Naturalia. From Fairground Attraction to Scientific Object“, wich will be open to the public from the 14th of October and until 19th of Augustus 2012.


Next to the exhibition, the former director of the ZMA, dr. Sandrine Ulenberg, commissioned the publication of a book on the rich treasures and history of the ZMA. The book, in Dutch, is entitled “Duizend en meer verhalen op sterk water; 13 miljoen dieren” and will appear shortly.



2 Responses to “On the History of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam”

  1. Hi Eulàlia,

    Thanks for the hint, sounds great. I am very curious to see the exhibition and have a look at the book which carries an inspiring title!


  2. Robert-Jan Wille Says:

    Great picture of Anna Weber-Van Bosse.!

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