A great new source

The very interesting website Het geheugen van Nederland has published 20.000 images of fish, birds and mammals last week. It was even in the newspapers. The images are all from the library of the Zoological Society Natura Artis Magistra, the ‘ Artisbibliotheek’, which is now part of the library of the University of Amsterdam’s.

It is a great source.  You can search for animals, using modern dutch names, modern latin or even the nineteenth century latin names.

Look at this beauty!


2 Responses to “A great new source”

  1. Andreas Weber Says:

    Terrific – thanks! Andreas

  2. Eulàlia Gassó Says:

    Wow! Let’s hope there will be more initiatives like this one soon. The digitized archive of the Natuurkundige Commissie is still waiting to go life…

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